About the Ombudsman

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Prati-Donaduzzi has a channel with an Ombudsman ready to receive, analyze and solve issues related to the Employee Handbook. This channel may be accessed by the internal and the external public.

Impartial and transparent, the Ombudsman guarantees confidentiality to every piece of information, preserving the identity of those involved and working to promote a better environment for all. You can contact the Ombudsman channel both to answer questions related to the interpretation of the Employee Handbook and to complain about a breach of this Handbook, such as corruption or any other unethical procedure or behavior.

All complaints received by Prati-Donaduzzi will be treated confidentially. No retaliation will be allowed against any person who reports a concern in good faith.

The issues referred to the Ombudsman channel will be reviewed by the Ethics Committee, made up of members appointed by the Group Management Board (CAD). With integrity and focus, this Committee seeks to find solutions for the situations presented to them, providing the user with an answer, either if it is an anonymous user or not, with a password generated at the time of the complaint.

Contact the Ombudsman by clicking here. If you prefer, call +55 (45) 2103-5835 or e-mail them at ouvidoria@pratidonaduzzi.com.br